New  World Records CD 80607-2
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Ned Rothenberg - reeds
Dave Ballou- trumpet
Denman Maroney - piano, composition
Mark Dresser - bass
Kevin Norton - percussion



"a monument of new composition/improvisation fusion" - Piero Scaruffi, scaruffi.com
"blends composition and virtuosic improvisation in fresh, unpredictable ways" - Bruce Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery
"one of the best [CDs] I've heard so far this year" - Robert Iannapollo, Cadence
"un disque profondément abouti" - Luc Bouquet, Impro Jazz
"riveting" - Dan Warburton, bagatellen.com
"provocative" - KFJC online reviews
"fascinating" - Chris Kelsey, Jazz Times
"impressive" - Ken Waxman, www.jazzweekly.com
"* * * *" [4 stars] - Giuseppe Segala, allaboutjazz.com/italia