Scores and parts (PDF) are free for the taking, but if you perform or record them, please tell ASCAP.S

In Eden, I (two saxes) (2024)

Tout Droit (2024)

Lilt (2024)

Two Up, One Down (2024)

Rolling Ever More (2024)

Meta Beta (2022)

Roads (2022)

Survival (2022)

On a Boat (2022)

On a Boat (2 voices) (2022)

In Eden, I Quintet (2008, rev. 2022)

Simplexity (2022)

Mean Times Three (1995, rev. 2021)

The Sea of Chairs Quintet (2021)

Sailing to Byzantium (2021)

A Game of Chess (2021)

A Way Out of No Way (2021)

Isotrope (2017, rev. 2024)

For Every Tatter (2020)

If I Were You (2020)

Scamander (2020)

Din (2020)

L'Aimant (2020)

Stuffy Turkey (T. Monk, arr. D. Maroney 2020)

No Justice? No Peace! (2020)

Durfortois (2020)

All in the Loop (2020)

Martingale (2019)

Toutes Directions (2019)

New One Two (2019)

Pulsations (2019)

Iteratio (2018)

Nero (instrumental) (2018)

Nero (vocal) (2018)

Blind Love (1987, rev. 2018)

Time's Out (2018)

Set Sea Sank (2018)

The Air Conditioned Nightmare (2017)

Peer to Peer (2016)

Primal Sympathy (2016)

Fowler's Better Blues (2007, rev. 2016)

Sea Set Wheat (2015)

Curl (2015)

Long Odds (2015)

Whamapo (solo version) (2014)

Off Centerpiece (2014)

Vortex (2014)

Unknown Knowns  (2013)

Champ de Pulse (2013)

Arrhythmia (2013)

Epistrophy (T. Monk, arr. D. Maroney) (2013)

Mysterioso (T. Monk, arr. D. Maroney (2013)

Selonica (2012)

Sank Sea Set (2012)

Sombriety (2011)

Lattice (2010)

One Off, or Two (2010)

Claudius Smith (2009)

In Eden, I (2002, rev. 2008)

Udentity (2007)

Gamelan Around (2007)

Frogs (2005)

Undertones (2005)

Gaga (2004)

Kilter (2003)

MC (2002)

MC with Vocal (2002)

Double You (2002)

The Sea of Chairs (2002)

Jug (2001)

Fluxations (2000)

Music for Words, Perhaps (1999)

Pulse Field (1999)

Flux Time (1998)

Air Condition (1996)

UnCaged Bacchanale (1996)

Mean Times (1995)

Two Times (1993)

Holocaust Masque (1993)

Coming Apart (1992)

HIM (1991)

Chthonia (1991)

Pianoology (1989)

Red Sky (1989)

Clash of Times (1988)

Matter of Fact (1987)

Once in Argos (1983)

Electra's Lament (1983)

Electra-cution, or, You're Under Orestes (1983)

Every Day (1980)

A Thought Revolved (1980)

The One (instrumental) (1980)

The One (1980)

I'm Yours (1979)

Music for Unprepared Piano (1979)

Blip (1975)

Temporal Mass (1974)

More/Less (1973)

Detach & Retain (1973)

Social Security (1973)

Mean Times (’95)

for tenor saxophone, trumpet, piano, bass, and drums
premiered by
Ellery Eskelin (tenor sax)
Herb Robertson (tpt)
composer (pno)
Mark Dresser (cb)
Phil Haynes (dr)
at Knitting Factory, New York NY 4/11/95


Two Times (‘93)

for trumpet, voice, piano, bass and drums
commissioned by Roulette Intermedium
funded by New York State Council on the Arts
premiered by
Dave Douglas (tpt)
Theo Bleckmann (v)
composer (pno)
Mark Dresser (cb)
Phil Haynes (dr)
at Roulette, New York NY 3/19/93

A Holocaust Masque (’93)

for soprano, flute, violin, sampling keyboard and percussion
funded by
New York State Council on the Arts
Shapiro Family Foundation
Arts Council of Rockland
a musical score for a multimedia theater collage
Wally Glickman
Lenny Grob
Bill Hochhausen
Ernest Sherman
premiered by
Sheila Schonbrun (s)
Iris Brooks (fl)
Barbara Benary (vln)
composer (kb)
Darius Davenport (perc)
at Church of the Tabernacle at Intermedia Foundation, Garnerville NY
Feb. 1, 1992

Coming Apart ('92)

for gamelan
commissioned by Gamelan Son of Lion
funded by Meet the Composer
premiered by Gamelan Son of Lion
at Slow Down Café, Nyack NY 6/6/92


HIM (’91)

for voices, digital electronics & percussion
musical score for e.e. cummings' play
commissioned by Medicine Show Theater
funded by National Endowment for the Arts
premiered by
Medicine Show Theater
composer (electronics)
David Simons (percussion & electronics)
at Medicine Show Theater , New York NY '91


Chthonia (’91)

for flutes, piano, bass and drums
funded by Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust
Premiered by
Robert Dick (flutes)
composer (piano)
Mark Dresser (bass)
Gerry Hemingway (drums)
at Alternative Museum, New York NY 3/6/91
for Music & Arts CD 74 Tambastics
1:00 excerpt


Pianoology (’89)

for two digital sampling keyboards playing piano samples
premiered by J. Paul Taylor and composer
at Experimental Intermedia Foundation, New York NY 10/20/89


Red Sky (’89)

for digital electronics
commissioned for a dance by Sin Cha Hong
premiered by composer and Sin Cha Hong Dance Co.
at 14th St. YWCA, New York NY ‘89


Matter of Fact (’87)

for digital electronics and percussion
composed collaboratively with David Simons
commissioned for a dance by Sin Cha Hong
premiered by
David Simons
at La Mama ETC, New York NY ‘87


Electra-cution, or, You're Under Orestes ('83)

for voices and piano
commissioned by Nimbus Dance Theater Company
funded by Jerome Robbins Foundation
premiered by composer and Nimbus Dance Theater Company
at Edinburgh Festival, Edinburgh UK 8/83


Music for Unprepared Piano (’79)

for piano
funded by Creative Artists Public Service (CAPS) program of New York State Council on the Arts
premiered by composer 
at St. Peter's Lutheran Church, New York NY 9/15/80


Temporal Mass ('74)

for winds, strings, piano & percussion
Premiered at the Music Shed, Norfolk CT
by students of Yale Summer of Music & Art (YSSMA)
Duration 7:37


More/Less ('73)

a realization of Plus/Minus by Karlheinz Stockhausen
for winds, strings, piano & percussion
premiered by students at Cal. Inst. of the Arts
conducted by Stephen Mosko '73